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Commelina diffusa Burm.f.

Commelina diffusa Burm.f.

Commelina diffusa Burm.f.
Synonim : 
1. Commelina nudiflora auct. non. L
2. Commelina benghalensis L.

Vernacular names :
Indonesia : -

Description :
1. Inflorescens peduncles 7 – 25 mm long. Inflorescens bract (spathe) margin not connate.
2. Petals usually clear blue, rarely pale blue or purplish.

Origin : Asia

Commelina diffusa Burm.f.
Distribution : PanTropical, also sub tropical 

Ecology : Humic or clayey soils, continuously damp for at least part of the year. Principal weed in banana plantation in Central America. There seem to be a relation between soil pH and distribution. Rainfed, Gogo Rancah and tidal rice fields; common but never makes a dense cover.

Propagation and Dispersal : Seed and Stolon fragments, hydrochorus.

Agricultural importance : a weed of minor importance

Control : Herbicide, manual

Note :
Very variable as to pubescence. In West Java there is a form with densely, shaggy bracts and hari under the leaf surface. Leaves are used as an abortifacient also used against infected wounds.

Commelina diffusa Burm.f.

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