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Borreria alata (Aubl.) DC

Borreria alata (Aubl.) DC

Classification :

Family : Asteraceae
Genus : Borreria
Species : Borreria alata (Aubl.) DC,
Borreria latifolia (Aubl.)K Schum,
Borreria scaberrima Bold

Vernacular names : Rumput setawar Indonesia, Jukut minggu, Emprak, Goletrak, Katumpang lemah, Letah ayam (sunda)

Category :
Plant : erect herb, usually brached from the base
Growth : 15 cm – 75 cm height, stem fleshy, quadrangular, distinctly 4 winged, pilose on the wing, pilose on the wing
Leaves : stipules interpetiolar, connate and adnate to the leaves. Leaves rather thick, simple, entire, penninerved, oppsite, elliptic to ovate - elliptic
Flower : white, bisexual, actinomorpic, small, in few to many flowered axillary.
Fruit : seed ellipsoid, plano corvex with a ventral groove, smooth
Root :

Origin from tropical america. Indonesia : Sumatera, Jafva and Kalimantan, as far as known
Borreria alata is a tropical and subtropical plant which grows naturally in open area and occurs in the Pacific Islands. It prefers light well drained soil and is suited to a protected shady position.

In region with short or with a pronounced dry season, or sunny or lightly shade fallow fields or those with a second crop, along road, steep river bank, tea and chinchona plantation, up to 1.600 m above sea level. Often abundant on washed out soil and then conspicuously yellow, green or purplish. Flower throughout the year.

Pest and Diseases


Sunny or lightly shaded
leaf colour develops best on plants kept in bright light.
Outdoors, copperleaf does best in a rich, moist, but fast-draining soil
Propagation and dirpersal by seed, hydrochorus.

Application 2.4 D active ingredient at 5 weeks interval, spot spray

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