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The Giant Tree, Canarium decumanum Gaertn (Burs.)

Canarium decumanum Gaertn (Burs.)

The pig canary is one of many species of canary found in the Torch wood or frankincense family.
It’s a large tree with buttress roots – a common characteristic of tropical tree species and adventitious roots which grow from the underside of its branches

Canarium is a genus of about 100 species of tropical and subtropical trees, in the  family Burseraceae. They grow naturally across tropical Africa, south and southeast Asia, Indochina, Indonesia, Australia and western Pacific Islands.

They grow up to large evergreen trees of 40–50 m tall, and have alternately arranged, pinnate leaves
The trees and their edible nuts have a large number of common names in their range. 
These include Pacific almond, canarium nut, pili nut, Java almond, Kenari nut, galip nut, nangai, and ngali

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